Cyber Security research

Since 2009 Wiremask provides free articles and tools about computer and network security to the computer security community.
The themes of our researches are mainly focused on reverse engineering, cryptography, digital forensics and vulnerability research.

Reverse engineering

Nowadays malwares are strongly protected with obfuscation or encryption most of them use anti-debugging tricks and some are even executed on customs virtual machines with non-standard architectures.

With the help of innovative technologies such as Symbolic Execution and Theorem Provers we are able to speed up and automate the reverse engineering of complex codes.

Vulnerability research

Every day, more and more devices are connected to the internet, sometimes these devices contain bugs which could allow a malicious user to remotely penetrate a victim's system.
Because developers are people and people make mistakes, these bugs are widespread across many software.

Although there are plenty of tools to protect your systems, we believe uneducated users remain IT Security threat.

With a basic knowledge base, we are able to identify new vulnerabilities on large software and popular services.

Capture The Flag

Since 2014 Wiremask participated to several Capture The Flag CTF competitions.
We believe that solving complex challenges and Learning-by-doing are great ways to sharpen our minds and to develop new skills.
To improve online resources and to share our solutions with other challengers we occasionally release a few write-ups on this website.