Cyber Security articles

Fermat's factorization method

A Python and a C implementation of Fermat's factorization method. Example of factoring prime numbers of a weak RSA public key.

Free Digital Forensics Tools

A list of free digital forensics tools to analyze memory dumps, network captures or extract deleted files from storage devices.

Hooking Firefox with Frida

A Quickstart guide to learn how to hook a function inside a remote process with Frida.

Free Reverse Engineering Tools

An extended list of the free software you might find in a reverse engineer toolbox.

Diffie-Hellman Man-in-the-middle attack

Learn how to carry a Man-in-the-middle attack against the Diffie-Hellman key exhange with a Python script.

TLS callbacks Assembly x86-64

Learn how execute code before the entry point with the TLS callback trick and x86-64 assembly.

Password cracking in 2015

General review of the actual capacities of password cracking and drawbacks of passphrases.

Restoring a McAfee quarantined file

Learn how to decompress, decrypt and restore the original content of a McAfee .BUP quarantine file.

Hello World Assembly x86-64

Learn how to develop a Windows x86-64 Hello World program in assembly language Fasm the Flat Assembler.

Shellcode - File Reader Linux x86

Learn how to develop a very small shellcode able to read the content of a file on a Linux x86 system with NASM.

XSS Filter Evasion Cheat Sheet

This XSS cheat sheet highlights the best tricks to bypass a Cross Site Scripting filter.

XSS Keylogger Tutorial

This XSS Keylogger tutorial demonstrates how an attacker can monitor a user keystrokes on a vulnerable web page.

Challenge - Electronic Codebook

Learn how to recover partial data and patterns from a file encrypted with AES in ECB mode.

Challenge - Weak hash function

Improve your reverse engineering and logical arithmetic skills with this cryptographically weak hash checking software.

TrueCrypt password recovery

How to recover a TrueCrypt password you partially know with mask attack or a password you forgot with brute-force.

Download and Execute Assembly x86

Learn different ways to develop a file downloader for Windows in assembly language with Fasm the Flat Assembler.

WinRAR file extension spoofing vulnerability

This vulnerability makes it possible to modify the name and the extension of any file inside an archive.